About Us

Diamondback Firearms LLC was established in 2009 and started shipping the micro compact DB380's later that same year. Designed with safety in mind, the DB380 features a "Zero-Energy" striker firing system (patent pending) with a mechanical firing pin block, a steel magazine catch to secure a sheet metal magazine and real windage-adjustable sights, all in a lightweight pistol.

A steel trigger with dual connection bars allows for a crisp smooth, five pound DAO trigger pull. The DB380 features a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) designed slide and barrel that is stronger than any comparable firearm, resulting in durability with less felt recoil, and the absence of removable pins or tools makes field stripping easier than ever. The slide, barrel, and internal parts are coated to resist corrosion, making this pistol a lifetime investment.

Diamondback Firearms is committed to its customers and to its colleagues in the firearms industry, and makes safety a top priority. Firearms design anchors an ever growing industry, whose consumers have been increasingly interested in articulating their opinions, requests and beliefs. As a company dedicated to its customers, Diamondback Firearms has heard your thoughts and responded.

When our customers wondered if this black on black micro compact .380 might be the only .380 we manufactured, we answered with the classy two-tone Nickel .380. As if that weren't enough, our research and development team introduced the self-lubricating EXO DB380. The exclusive EXO coating, from UCT, protects the slide from wear, pitting, and rust. The DB380 MS gun was designed with economy in mind, as was our extended compensated barrel – which can be used with any of our DB380 models for a tactical look and less muzzle rise. Diamondback has also teamed up with Crimson Trace to manufacture the DB380CTC (the micro compact DB380 equipped with a Crimson Trace Laser), which will hit the market in November of 2010.