SINCE 1989

The Diamondback vision began in 1989 with a small shop of three employees that had a desire to create what we wanted, how we wanted it, without compromise. Since then, that small shop has transformed into a crew of over 200 passionate individuals dedicated to perfection in the process of designing, manufacturing, testing, and delivering our products from our hands to yours, right here in the U.S.A. Family operated at our core, we’ve grown to become five separate companies (Diamondback Firearms Diamondback CNC, Diamondback Barrels, Diamondback Marine, Diamondback Airboats) filled with skilled blue-collar craftsmen that operate as one to make the Diamondback America family.

Established in 2009, Diamondback Firearms started out by delivering reliable precision machined components for our partnering distributors. However, our ability to produce these industry-leading components led us to quickly realize we had the opportunity to produce something that no one else could: one of the smallest micro-compact .380 automatic pistols on the market. And so, the DB380 was born. With every part being machined or assembled in-house with materials coming from companies all over the U.S.A., our dream continues to evolve with weapon systems that now include our DB9, AM2, DB9R, DB rifle series, and DB pistol series.

Faced with some of the toughest times the world has ever seen, we should all be able to reach for reliability in moments that count. That’s why we offer our high-quality firearms that are vetted by the everyday shooter, battle-tested operators, and entrusted police officers at a price point that meets the American blue-collar workers budget. Our firearms come with a promise of quality we stand behind. That’s the Diamondback way; that’s the American way.

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