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Obsidian Series Rifles

The Obsidian Series is an upgraded line of rifles that is packed full of features. From an enhanced bolt catch and ambi safety selector and mag release, to it’s free float anti-rotation MLok S-Rail with full picatinny and integrated QD Mounts, this series of rifles is ready for any situation. Upgraded out of the box, The Obsidian rifle is versatile and dependable. 

Obsidian Safety Mag Release

Specialty forged lower with AMBI mag release and safety selector

The Obsidian Series lower is machined from forged 7075-T6 Aluminum with a Battle Arms Development ambidextrous magazine release and safety selector, allowing both right and left handed operation and added versatility. 

Battle Arms Enhanced Bolt Catch

The Battle Arms enhanced bolt catch provides a better purchase on both the lock and release portion of the catch. This makes both locking the bolt to the rear and releasing the bolt easier.

Obsidian Bolt Catch
Obsidian S Rail

Anti-Rotation Free Float M-Lok Rail

The Obsidian handguard features an anti-rotation mechanism that prevents any amount of movement in the rail, providing dependability in critical situations.

Integrated QD Mounts

QD mounts are integrated into the Obsidian’s free float MLOK handguard, allowing a variety of sling options. 

Obsidian QD Mounts
Obsidian Muzzle Brake

DB Obsidian Muzzle Brake

The Obsidian series muzzle brake is designed to redirect propellant gasses laterally to significantly reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise.

Breek WarHammer AMBI Charging Handle

The Breek Arms WARHAMMER Mod2 ambidextrous charging handle features textured grooves, a low-profile design, and a high rear shelf and relief cuts to reduce gas blowback to the shooters face when shooting suppressed. 

Obsidian Charging Handle

Obsidian Rifle Models

DB15, 16″, Obsidian Series, 5.56 NATO, Black

SKU: DB1784K001
MSRP: $1162.00
UPC: 810035756007
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DB15, 16″, Obsidian Series, 5.56 NATO, FDE

SKU: DB1784K061
MSRP: $1216.00
UPC: 810035756014
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DB15, 16″, Obsidian Series, 5.56 NATO, ODG

SKU: DB1784K101
MSRP: $1216.00
UPC: 810035756021
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