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DB0700S701 Left Flat

Premium Protection. In the Palm of your Hand.

The SDR (Self Defense Revolver) is your ultimate ally in self defense, combining reliability, concealability, and confidence into one powerful and compact package. Boasting an exceptionally smooth trigger pull, low profile front and rear fiber optic sights, and a six shot capacity, the SDR makes the perfect companion in any situation.

Push Button Cylinder Release

The SDR’s push button cylinder release is ergonomically placed and features a serrated texture, allowing effortless access to load and eject rounds quickly.

SDR Cylinder Release Detail
SDR Capture Detail

Fully Captured Cylinder and Crane Link Assembly

With the simple press of a button, the cylinder and crane link assembly can be easily removed in one contained package.

Precision Target Crown

The SDR has a 45 degree target crown machined into the muzzle, which helps protect the rifling and preserves accuracy and bullet dynamics.

SDR Target Crown Detail
SDR Sights Detail

Low-Profile fiber optic front and rear sights

Low profile fiber-optic sights offer high visibility and contrast to get on-target quickly and minimize snags in critical self-defense situations.

Concealed Hardware and Modern Styling

All hardware is concealed in a streamlined design that is sure to turn heads. 

Concealed Hardware
SDR Trigger Detail

Smooth, Non-Stacking Trigger Pull

The SDRs trigger features a non-stacking, ultra-smooth trigger pull with a clean break, promoting a steady hand and tack-driving accuracy.

SDR .357 Revolver

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Designed for those who prioritize reliability and quality, the SDR delivers peace of mind to home and personal defense situations. The SDR’s compact frame, two-inch barrel and six shot cylinder are machined from premium stainless steel for strength and durability. 

Low profile fiber-optic sights and a sleek frame with concealed hardware and rounded edges prevent snags and hang-ups when the revolver is drawn. Weighing in at just 21 ounces, this compact package is perfect for concealed carry. 

An exceptionally smooth, match grade trigger and high-vis sights promote accuracy and create confidence in every shot, while an ergonomically placed push button cylinder release and chamfered cylinder chambers ensure seamless loading and round ejection. 


Caliber: .357Magnum /.38 Special +P

Length: 6.53 in

Width: 1.38 in

Height: 4.44 in

Weight: 21.20 oz


Frame Material: Forged Stainless Steel

Frame Finish: Polished


Barrel Length: 2.00 in

Barrel Material: Stainless Steel

Barrel Finish: Polished

Grooves: 6


Capacity: 6 Rounds

Length: 6.53 in


Action: DA/SA

Trigger Pull: 9-11.5 lbs



Front Sight: Fixed Fiber Optic – Orange

Rear Sight: Low Profile Dovetail Fiber Optic – Green


Black Rubber w/ Diamondback Logo