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We currently only sell our complete firearms direct to our distributors, who dealers then order from. Any local dealer that orders from any of the distributors listed at the bottom of the home page of our site should be able to order our firearms in for you.

Only the DB9 Genration 4 is rated for +P ammunition. You should not use +P ammunition with earlier gerations of the DB9.

We no longer produce threaded barrels for our DB9 or AM2.

Yes, it will fit on the DB10 in .308

Yes, our firearms that are chambered in 5.56 can also shoot .223. Your barrel will be stamped with its caliber.

Yes, it is safe to shoot 7.62x51 ammo through your DB10 in .308. However we recommend shooting .308 through it first, before shooting 7.62x51.

The major difference in the different series of the rifles is as follows:

  1. The Magpul furniture gets better as you work your way up,
  2. The lower receiver gets better as you work your way up, and
  3. The handguard changes as you work your way up.

For the Lower Receivers:

  1. Carbon Series gets our standard lower,
  2. Black Gold Series gets our new forging with the curved magwell cut,
  3. Diamond Series gets our new forging with the curved magwell cut plus lightning cuts in the trigger guard.

For the Handguards:

  1. Carbon Series will get our standard handguards
  2. Black Gold Series will get our V-rails,
  3. Diamond Series will get our new anti-rotation S-rails.