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Here at Diamondback, we manufacture all our firearms to be reliable, durable, and efficient. We build some of the most affordable AR15 / AR10 platform rifles on the market. From building the smallest 9mm carry gun, our DB9, to our DB15 series rifles we always provide our customers with a firearm that is reliable and gets the job done. Built right here in the USA with the best materials available we're constantly working to ensure that the American people can have a gun they can proudly protect themselves and their families with. Our DB15 firearms use only the highest quality AR15 components and will meet any expectations that a consumer may have with an AR15 style firearm


Here at Diamondback, we have quite a number of firearms made from the finest quality material that will perform the job every time. Our DB9 and DB380 are some of the smallest concealed carry pistols on the market and are the perfect sidearm for those wanting something as inconspicuous as possible. Our newest pistol the AM2 is the latest in innovation within the subcompact firearm market, coming with both a 12 and 17 round magazine, an internal chassis system, and a crisp trigger the AM2 pistol is ready for whatever comes its way. Our DB15 and DB10 rifles and pistols are the perfect AR15 platform firearms for anybody looking for something fun and reliable.

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